A blank canvas and the mysteries of store design

Like nosing around other people’s houses learning about all the stunning things they have collected into their lives – I have to say the contrasting blank canvas of a completely empty room is also a bit magical.  

By really seeing its bare bones you can see and dream and style it in ways that are filled with the purpose and emotion that you envision. And we envision some awesome styles at Slow Cartel.

Day 1 is done and dusted! We added that classic old school “mystery” factor by covering the windows and giving a dash of charm in the “coming soon” sign. As our first store, I’ll be damned if someone takes that away from us!!

We are as excited as we can imagine that people outside the covered windows are to see how everything comes together! As much planning and design that we like to put into our purposefully made model, we don’t aim for total control or perfection and believe it’s the little side balls and imperfections that truly make a space come alive. Let the mysteries begin …

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