Invitation to nosy visiters

I hope that everyone growing up everyone had the opportunities to find some wonderment in the houses of friends and family.  

Houses completed with items, carefully selected on the owners travels both near and far. A continuous curation of additions alongside the old, breathing a new view and life into a room.   

I loved learning about the unique stories of each piece and how it had come to be added to the place where they call home. And seeing the owners pride and retained knowledge of each item. Often blending in their personal story of discovery with every piece. 

This was a corner in my grandmothers Adelaide home. A wonderful little townhouse where you could find things from her travels. In particular, I loved how she chose things and placed them around the house to keep them relevant. Rather than forgotten in a cupboard somewhere. Every so often rearranging things to change your whole view on any one piece. 

True. It's been a while and I couldn't tell you the exact details of each. But I can tell you the movement, colours and emotion that comes with being in a home filled full of purposeful items. Something I think is just as important. 

These days I walk around every place I enter and unapologetically have a bit of a nosy. Never to judge, of course! But – oh dear me what you can learn when you get up close to what someone picked up whenever ago when they were traveling down the road and beyond! The conversations and lessons are brilliant, and I highly recommend it.

Here, I would like to take you along for the ride into how items have selected and styled for Slow Cartel.

There is no method, order or theme so I will just jump into what takes flight week to week.

And please, be unapologetically nosy ;)



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