What's Purpose-Driven at Slow Cartel?

“Purpose-driven” is a term that has been making itself known in just about every industry recently, slowly working its way into the mainstream consciousness. We are obviously super excited about it – but what does purpose-driven really mean?


At Slow Cartel we take it as being 3 key areas:

Letting go of a “You” & “I” mentality.

It’s about being part of something that is bigger than any one individual. It’s wanting to make a difference on a scale that goes beyond yourself.

These businesses are here to make a profit, with a capital P.

Without creating profit, how can you hope to create sustainable and meaningful change? Right?? It’s necessary. And, the bonus is that companies with purpose are consistently outperforming those who persist in using profit-driven only models.

Creating better connections.

Between people, the environment, and everything in more meaningful and lasting ways. This helps create a better future for this lovely little planet we call home. If things are made, priced and their stories shared with purpose, then these things also tend to be consumed and disposed or reused with purpose.


Hopefully, soon, purpose-driven will be everywhere – in how we eat, work, play and live.

Its already caused massive change in how companies create a culture and manage workplaces. And there is only more to follow and sometimes that can be hard to follow. Slow Cartel wants to help you connect the dots – so that you more easily align your style with your values. So, every day you can use, wear, and be aware of products that feel good, look good and do good.  



Forbes, as usual, has a stellar article. Link here.


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