Monkee Genes

In 2006 Monkee Genes was born out of frustration of the denim market, wanting to offer something fresh, vibrant and youthful, with an eco and ethical conscience. Brand founder Phil Wildbore wanted to prove that there is such a thing as looking fashionable whilst supporting sustainability. All of Monkee Genes garments made in GOTS Certified factories and they work hard to protect the people who make their clothes, working closely with each of their factories to ensure safe working conditions and a decent living wage. Their commitment to ethics paired with a innovative fits offers a point of difference to the denim market.

All organic, all ethically produced, all fairly made!

  • Respect for Individual
  • ‘No slave labour, no child labour, no blood, no sweat, no tears.’

Sustainability is at the heart of all Monkee Genes product. They are committed to being a relevant and sustainable denim brand, dedicated to social and environmental responsibility, good working conditions and human rights.