Boo & Westley

Boo & Westley is a socially-responsible fashion label that works with traditional textile artists in their home regions around the world. They aim to connect diverse peoples through bold art, to share stories & preserve cultural heritage. Empowering those creating and wearing with knowledge & encouragement to seek out more conscious fashion choices & change the room.

Chapter One : The Archipelago 

In Chapter One Boo & Westley take us on a journey through The Archipelago of Indonesia, criss-crossing the Islands of Java, Madura & Bali to connect you with artists who create the bold, beautiful colours of batik. 

Their One Of A Kind pieces are artist designed & created giving you access to the regions they are made in a memorable way. Many patterns reflect the local flora & fauna of each place, brought out in the artists own expression. Each ready to wear piece is created from a single piece of artisan painted fabric. Changing the room & brings more sustainable development to the artists lives & that of their community's. 

Social Impact & Vision 

In their journey around the Indonesian Archipelago Boo & Westley have created connections with artists and tailors over the islands of Java, Madura & Bali. Working in collaboration to share their stories & create lasting employment options.  

Their social responsibility is grounded in empowerment; creating opportunities for the local textile industry through ethical partnerships with family businesses and small community enterprises. These collaborations also help to build skills and improve linkages with the broader market. 

5% of profits made by Boo & Westley are put aside into a fund to help further social development around their connections - they are currently finalising where this will be directed in the future. For the moment they are allowing the fund to grow.